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Cacao Rocks (a.k.a. IASON) has painted all the murals for ananea Kos. He is an artist based in Athens, Greece. Son of the sculptor Georges Megoulas.

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What first prompted you to become an artist?

First I didn’t want to be an artist. My father is an artist and I knew how hard is the artist’s life. I grew up in an artist studio and I was practically a non paid assistant from 5 to 15 years old. Then I just started doing my creations on walls.

What’s the most important element in your artwork?

Hope. The most important ‘’element’’ is having hope that what I will create will make the people feel good and bring joy.

What are you hoping to communicate to the viewer through your work?

I try to explain what I have in my soul without using words, just colors and shapes.

How has the art world changed in Greece lately? Has it affected your work and if yes, how?

Definitely, the art world in Greece has changed in the last ten years. After a long period of crisis, Greece is becoming again a cultural center. A lot of artists and collectors are coming from all around the world to visit Athens and the rest of Greece. Big cultural organisations like DESTE, Niarchos Foundation, Onassis and Neon are helping a lot in the cultural scene. The EMST museum is also a cultural “oasis’’. My work was affected a lot, I got a lot of commission, and my work is spread in collections around the world. I paint more in the studio compared with the last decade. I’m also more interested in the studio work and producing canvases because I can experiment more and send them around the world.

What would you advise the artists of our times?

I don’t know. I am one of them too! What? no? I’m not that old. Just have fun and work, work, work.

What is your favorite Greek meaningful word our guests should learn?

Αγάπη – love. In all languages, the most important thing. The power that keeps us together and united.

Cacao Rocks (a.k.a. IASON) Is an artist based in Athens, Greece. Son of the sculptor Georges Megoulas. Active in the street art since 1999. Studied French Literature at UOA and at the Univercite d’Angers in France. Won a Scholarship at Focus school of photography and new media, by wining the first prize in the video art competition “ Shoot it” (2011).

„I try to explain what I have in my soul without using words, just colors and shapes.“

His work has been exhibited in numerous foundations, museums and galleries around the world such as the Benaki museum, Onassis Cultural Center, Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation, Bouzianis Museum, Salomon Arts Gallery NY, AG18 Gallery in Viena etc. National press such as the New York Times, National Geographic, Guardian and BBC has published his artworks and activity. Yasonnas Megoulas has been invited by organisations and universities in Greece and the US to give lectures and workshops about his work. (University of Michicgan, the Onassis Foundation, TED x, New School and Deree university, WETRANSFER etc). His artwork ranges from painting, sculptures, installations to video art and performances. He has also created full artwork and branding for musicians as well as international brands such as NIKE, DUO, Remy Cointreau. In 2017 he represented Greece at Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale. In 2018 he was honoured with the “Artworks” award from Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

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